Obstruction Lighting

 UK / European Obstruction Lights

ADB Airfield Solutions Ltd

ADB OBI-S Single Red Obstruction Light for 100w Filament Lamp

Air-Field Lighting Limited (Alstom)

Air Field Ltd (CEGELEC/Alstom) ZA743 ZA743 Single Lamp Obstruction Light

Delta Obstruction Lighting Ltd.

Delta WL75 Low Intensity Obstruction Light with 8 watt Red LED Lamp.

Europhane Lighting "France"

Europhane F2/2 Twin Obstruction Light.

GEC Electrical Projects Ltd (CEGELEC Ltd)

GEC (Airport Lighting) Ltd ZA743 Single Lamp Obstruction Light.

Older GEC (Airport Lighting) Ltd ZA752 Twin Lamp Obstruction Light.

Note, by the 1980's this Light became the ZA753 and is still manufactured to date by ATG Airports Ltd.

CEGELEC ZA760/1 Neon Low Intensity Group A Obstruction Light.

GEC (Airport Lighting) Ltd ZA763 Group B Single Lamp Obstruction Light with P28s Lampholder for 250 watt B1/7 or 6.6a/8.33a 200w Airfield Pre-Focus Lamp

GEC ZA773 Intrinsically Safe Obstruction Light for Hazardous Areas Oil/Gas Rigs, Petrochemical Plants Airport Fuel Storage Depots etc. where Gas and Flammable Vapours are Present.

Orga B.V.

ORGA Medium Intensity Aircraft Warning/Obstruction Light, lit with a Special Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp, this Light complies with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority's) ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation's) FAA (Federal Aviation Administration') and Military Regulations for marking of structures that present a hazard to aircraft. such as Tall Television/Radio Transmitters, Skyscrapers, Crane's, Bridge's etc.

Thorn Airfield Lighting Limited (Safegate)

Thorn F2-1 Single Lamp Obstruction Light

Thorn F22 Twin Lamp Obstruction Light with Changeover Ciricuit & Remote Monitoring

Thorn F22 Twin Lamp Obstruction Light with Main Lamp Lit

Thorn F22 Twin Lamp Obstruction Light with Standby Lamp Lit

US Obstruction Lights

Ex USAF Crouse and Hinds Obstruction Light for 60/65w ES Filament Lamps

1950/60's Crouse and Hinds U.S.A.F Obstruction Light with Clamp Bracket for 60/65w ES Filament Lamp

Crouse & Hinds EOL 4450/116 Dual Airport Obstruction Light

Crouse & Hinds EOL 50021/116 Dual Airport Obstruction Light

Dialight 860-1R03-001 12 volt LED Single Airport Obstruction Light

Honeywell Model OB22 Dual Airport Obstruction Light

Hughey & Phillips OB20A41 Airport Obstruction Light.

Point Lighting POL Single Red Obstruction Light with 120v 116w Filament Lamp

TWR Lighting OL1BH FAA Type L-810 Single Red Obstruction Light with Sylvania 120v 116w Traffic Signal Lamp.

2 x TWR Lighting OL1BH Side Entry FAA Type L-810 Single Red Obstruction Lights mounted on a Crouse & Hinde T Conduit to make a Twin Lamp Obstruction Light

TWR Lighting OL2BH FAA Type L-810 Twin Red Obstruction Light with for 120v 116w Traffic Signal Lamps


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