Please Note, I am a Collector of Airfield / Runway Lighting and Lamps as a Hobby, and I DO NOT Supply, Work, ANY Airfield Lighting Equipment, or Lamps, and have NO relation to or Affiliated with ANY Airport/Airfield or Suppliers of Airfield Lighting Suppliers.

Wanted Items


I am currently Looking for Any Airport/Runway Lights and Lamps

PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicator) Light Unit


ADB UEL type Elevated Approach Light with Clear Glass

GEC ZA920 Lampholder for the ZA406 Elevated Approeach Light

GEC ZA407 Sodium Approach Light for Sodium Lamps

Any GEC ZA126 Elevated Runway Threshold Light

Any Inset Approach Light

Any Inset Runway Threshold/End Light

Any Airport Lighting Base Plates with  2 inch Thread

Either J1/27 or J1/33 Airfield Lamp for my GEC ZA106 Runway/Approach Light

If you can Help I would be apprecated you can Contact Me


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